HP Manufacturing focused on the plastic fabrication, plastic machining and distribution of plastic sheet, rod and tube.
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HP Manufacturing and the House of Plastics® provide our clients a full-service production facility for your custom plastic parts, displays and components. These include acrylic display cases, plastic sheeting, plastic fabrication and machining. We have experienced engineers, fabricators, machinists and sales/service staff to assist you. Based on provided samples, prints and/or ideas, we will process recommendations for your project. We are committed to customer service, while striving to maintain low costs on each part.

HP Manufacturing
Display Cases, Custom Plastic Parts and More

Work with a company that has 70 years of experience in the industry

Since 1939 HP Manufacturing / House of Plastics® has been located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. We produce custom POP displays and fixtures along with OEM parts. In the beginning, we primarily produced intricate machined plastic parts and components for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) using materials such as acrylic (plexiglas®), delrin®, polycarbonate (lexan) and uhmw. Still working heavily in the OEM market, in 1970 HP Manufacturing / House of Plastics® expanded into the retail display side of the industry - producing point of purchase or pop displays with materials such as acrylic (plexiglass®), polycarbonate (lexan) and expanded PVC (komatex)
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  • POP Displays & Custom  Fabrication
  • OEM Custom Manufacturing
  • Retail Store for cut-to-size, furniture,
        gifts and home/business custom parts
  • Plastic Material Availability (acrylic,
        polycarbonate, delrin®, uhmw, hdpe,
        komatex™, etc.)
  • Partnering throughout the industry
  • Company Background - tradition, mission
    HP Manufacturing uses Lexan, polycarbonate, delrin, uhmw, hdpe, and nylon in manufacturing.